Newborn Baby Feeding Bottle Warmer & Sterilizers with Timer Accurate Temperature Control Food Milk Warmers Bottle Steriliser


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  • Material Feature: Latex Free,Nitrosamine Free,Phthalate Free,BPA Free,PVC Free
  • Material: P.P.
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Age Range: 0-6m,7-12m,13-24m,25-36m
  • Type: Warmers & Sterilizers
● Product Name: Baby Bottle Warmer & Disinfect
● Diameter: 9.8cm
● Product Size: 14.0*12.8*26.0 cm /  5.91 x 5.51 x 7.68 inches
● Rated Power: 200W
● Woltage: 220V
● Hertz: 50HZ/60HZ
● Suitable for materials: Glass Breastmilk Bags, Pp Silicone

● Feature :
(1) Fast Warming within 3~6 Mins : 
 Bottle Warmer can heat cold milk to the appropriate temperature in just 3-6 minutes, quickly calming down hungry and impatient babies. It is a perfect baby shower gift for every family! (Tips: Warming time depends on milk volume, initial temperature, and bottle material.)
(2) Smart 10-in-1 : 10 useful functions to meet your different demands – Fast Warming/ Thaw/ Keep Warm/ Steaming/ Food Heating/ Instant Temp/ IMD LED Display/ Adjustable Temp/ Anti-scald Basket/ Night Light, no need to buy additional equipment. bottle warmer is suitable for babies of different ages, from breast milk to formula.
(3) Bottle Warmers for Most Bottles : Our baby bottle warmer works with most wide, narrow, angled bottles, as well as baby food jars. It is a lifesaver for busy moms and is easy to operate and select the desired function by simply using the control panel. And the little helper will “Beep” to remind you when the breastmilk at the proper temperature is ready.
(4) Provide Safe and Nutritious Breast Milk :  bottle warmer for breastmilk uses flowing warm water (Not Hot Steam) to thaw and warm breastmilk, keeping the original taste and the nutrients that are vital to baby’s development. It steams up to 100°C (202℉) to keep bottles or baby food jars always tidy, giving the baby the best care. The automatic power-off function to prevent the anti-dry burn, makes it safer for busy moms to use. Multiple protection guards the safety of babies and moms!
(5) 48H Thermostat System : bottle warmer keeps the milk/ water warm for 48 hours. The LED display screen shows the preset temperature constantly, allowing you to preset the feeding time during late nights. Night light makes night-time operation more comfortable and safer.


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